One event from the life of Natalya, a faithful parishioner of the Cathedral in Nur-Sultan.
Что смог Буковинский, когда врачи не давали шансов?

About 10 years ago her family was overtaken by grief: her brother Pavel had had an accident. The injuries to his skull were so serious that the doctors barely managed to somehow repair the damage to the victim’s head. Natalia’s brother was in a state of deep coma with no chance for life.

At that time, Sister Teresa SJE served in the parish of Our Lady of Perpetual Help; together with Natalya, she was leading choral lessons with adult parishioners. She proposed to the choir members to pray for the healing of the victim through the intercession of Father Bukowińki. By that time, Natalia’s brother had been in a coma for nine days. So by the end of the Novena, through the intercession of Władysław Bukowiński, that is, after another 9 days, he came out of the coma.

When it comes to miracles, we imagine how the healed one, just ‘gets up and walks’. But this is inspired by not entirely realistic films. Pavel gradually returned to life, he remained disabled and did not get out of bed, but he retained the ability to speak, think and eat. He lived. Natalya, along with sister Teresa, continued to pray for him all the years that the Lord gave him through the intercession of Fr Bukowiński.

This is not only a story about the miracle of saving life, but also about saving eternal life. Because before his death, Paul confessed for the first and last time in his life. Throughout his life, he did not go to church, believing that the Lord did not love him. Over the years after the accident, the patient was visited three times by Fr Stanisław Choinka. It was he who first gave Paul the sacrament of baptism, when the patient was still in a coma, and the sacrament of the last confession when he was leaving this world.

“After coming out of the coma, my brother became a completely different person. He constantly talked to me about Jesus and repeated ‘Christ is risen!’’’, – Natalia confessed.

Two years ago Pavel passed away, having lived more than eight years after the accident. He died in the ninth year after the accident on the Feast of the Annunciation. Before his death, he received Holy Communion. Father Stanisław, delighted for him, exclaimed: “I wish I could leave on such a day! After all, the Mother of God herself took him by the hand and led him to the Son Jesus”.

Catholic Information Service of Central Asia
Translation: Alevtina Samusseva

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