Christmas Greetings from the bishops and ordinaries of Kazakhstan

Епископы и ординарии поздравляют с Рождеством
Image: Алевтина Самусева

Dear brothers and sisters in Christ!

“The people who walk in darkness Will see a great light… For a child will be born to us, a son will be given to us’’ (Isaiah 9:2-6)

The joy of Christmas comes to all of us. His Light is like a firm hope in the fight against all our fears, as divine grace that can heal and change our human weaknesses, as an approval and blessing of all the noble and diverse efforts of many peoples to create a better world, a more just society, the reign of solidarity and brotherhood.

We are pleased to celebrate the “Year of the Volunteer” in our country in 2020. Without a doubt, the “light of volunteering” is aimed at providing not only direct assistance to those who are in need of attention and help, but also to initiate a genuine rebirth in society. As the famous doctor and humanist Jérôme Lejeune said, “The quality of a civilization can be measured by the respect it has for its weakest members”. Jesus Christ, the Saviour, was born in a poor cave because God wanted to express His desire to approach all those who, at any moment in their lives, might face pain, misunderstanding, or suffering.

Yes, Jesus comes to the world today to solve all conflicts that concern and involve both individuals, families and even various communities and nations.

At the end of this year of God-blessed graces, let us show the Lord our filial gratitude to men and women, believers and not, who have contributed a small part of light to our lives. We especially thank Him for the love and intimacy that Holy Father, Pope Francis, expressed to all citizens of our country during a visit that the bishops and ordinaries of Kazakhstan made in March 2019, for the 20th anniversary of the Apostolic Administration in Atyrau and for the establishment of the new Apostolic Administration for the Catholics of the Byzantine rite.

May the Lord continue to enlighten the hearts of all Kazakhstanis with His love, so that together we can create the necessary paths of peace and reconciliation in our homes and society. May the goodness of the Most High God fill our families with His peace during these days.

A Merry and Holy Christmas of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ to all! And may the New Year 2020 bring prosperity, great blessings and gifts of God to our country!

With our blessings,

Catholic Bishops and Ordinaries of Kazakhstan

Catholic Information Service of Central Asia
Translation: Alevtina Samusseva

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