Easter greetings of the Catholic bishops and ordinaries of Kazakhstan

Пасхальное поздравление католических епископов и ординариев Казахстана

Beloved brothers and sisters in Christ!
Christ is risen!

This is the power of Christianity. Our life does not depend on us, our strength does not come from people, from honors, wealth or earthly powers. The power of our faith lies in the victory of God’s Love over the tyranny of death and sin.

Beloved, while some of the forces of this world try to despise the importance of religion and faith in Jesus Christ in society, let us hear the encouraging words of the angels again: «Do not look for living among the dead!» (Lk 24, 5). From the moment of His resurrection Christ will always be present among us.

Today, all people – men and women,  disappointed in life by failures, conflicts and fears, are called upon to find the light of hope and the path to peace in the power of the Risen One. As Pope Francis reminds us: «Christ lives and wants us to live». God came to Earth to fill us with His life; Christ died on Earth to save us from the tyranny of sin; the Savior rose on Earth to give the world its true face and mission: to become a common home, where all people live in peace and harmony in a filial union with Him.                                                                              

This year, dedicated to the youth in Kazakhstan, we would also like to refer to it in a special way. Each new generation is a true renewal of society. At the present time, young people strive for horizons full of new ideas, changes, updates, improvements. We all need this youthful enthusiasm inside and outside the Church. The resurrection of Jesus Christ tells us that eternal life can begin to live here, on the earth on which we live. In this His message is our mission. «Land and new horizons» are achieved after personal victory over sin.

We wish that the grace and gifts of the Risen Lord will renew your youthful enthusiasm and desire for true values. Who is looking for a good renew in life, will find it in the beautiful and holy.

Christ is risen!!!  — Truly, He is risen!!!

With our blessings,

Catholic Bishops and Ordinaries of Kazakhstan
Nur-Sultan, Easter 2019.

Католическая информационная служба Центральной Азии

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