Kazakhstan at the Мeeting for the Protection of Minors

Казахстан на встрече по вопросам несовершеннолетних

These days a meeting for the Protection of Minors is taking place in the Vatican. This meeting is attended by the Chairmen of the Conferences of the Catholic Bishops of the whole world. Kazakhstan is also represented at this meeting in the person of Jose Luis Mumbiel Sierra, Chairman of the Conference of the Catholic Bishops of Kazakhstan.

According to the «Vatican News»,opening this meeting, Pope Francis noted that:  «The holy People of God look to us and expect from us not simple and predictable condemnations, but concrete and effective measures to be established. We need concreteness».

This meeting will last four days, from February 21 to February 24, and, as Andrea Tornielli points out in the column of the editor-in-chief of «Vatican News»:  «It is not primarily a question of laws and norms, or of bureaucratic quibbles or statistics. It is about listening to the victims, trying to share their painful drama, making their devastating wounds our own. What is needed is a change of mentality so that no one pretends not to see; or to cover up; to downplay, ever again».

Andrea Tornielli also puts emphasis on the fact that «This meeting in the Vatican is the latest step taken by the Church in a journey that began nearly twenty years ago, with the introduction of stricter and more effective laws to combat the scourge of abuse».

Cover photo from www.vaticannews.va

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